Anandamaya Residence Jakarta

Looking for a perfect place to settle all your need? We have a perfect type that will meet your needs. Find one of our unit types that suits you the most!

Anandamaya offers apartment units with the best specifications to meet your needs. Every unit is designed to be a comfortable place for living and growing your inner soul. Designed with luxurious features and furnitures, its units give a sense of home for every resident.

Every unit has a warm ambience, thanks  to the use of a neutral color palette in its interior design. A full-height window also gives a wide view to Jakarta’s spectacular city view. Especially at night, you can enjoy city-seeing from your unit. With high quality home furnishings, Anandamaya gives more than just a place to live, but also a place where you can grow your inner self.

Anandamaya is available in some types: 2 Bedroom Deluxe, 2 Bedroom Suite, 3 Bedroom Deluxe, 3 Bedroom Suite, 3 Bedroom Grande, and 4 Bedroom Signature. Find the best unit that will suit you the most. Enjoy a fulfilling life as you live in Anandamaya’s luxurious unit.

anandamaya 4 bedroom signature

4 Bedroom Signature

NFA : 305 sqm | SGFA 361 sqm

3 Bedroom Suite

NFA : 182 sqm | SGFA 216 sqm

4 Bedroom Signature

NFA : 305 sqm | SGFA 363 sqm

3 Bedroom Grande

NFA : 226 sqm | SGFA 268 sqm

3 Bedroom Grande

NFA : 225 sqm | SGFA 268 sqm

3 Bedroom Suite

NFA : 182 sqm | SGFA 217 sqm

3 Bedroom Deluxe

NFA : 145 sqm | SGFA 174 sqm

2 Bedroom Suite

NFA : 125 sqm | SGFA 150 sqm

2 Bedroom Deluxe

NFA : 109 sqm | SGFA 131 sqm

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